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Video marketing goes beyond the creation of visual content; it serves as a channel to showcase your brand and product to customers in a creative manner. A successful SEO process highly values an innovative approach to video marketing strategy.

Next Hubz generates videos that not only boost your brand and showcase your products but also enlighten your clients about your organization. Seeking the top video marketing agency in the World? Reach out to us. We are firm believers that videos should infuse a human touch into a brand.

In the World, Next Hubz excels in delivering top-notch services across all digital marketing domains, including video marketing. The potency of visual content surpasses other forms and plays a crucial role in raising awareness about your brand among clients.

Next Hubz crafts visual content for diverse marketing purposes, producing everything from commercial videos for production to explainer videos, promotional videos, customer testimonial videos, company background story videos, video series, and all facets related to this field.

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Story-Driven Videos, Ready for Any Mission

We create videos that narrate the narrative of your brand and product. Next Hubz excels in crafting imaginative videos for various marketing purposes. Our video production adheres to your specifications, establishing a transparent communication channel and directly engaging your audience. Our approach is designed to alleviate your workload and enhance the overall enjoyment of the process.

Client Requirements

Understanding the needs of our clients is imperative prior to commencing any digital marketing endeavor. What specific video preferences does our client have? What is the intended purpose? Is there a requirement for VFX? These queries will be thoroughly addressed in discussions with our clients before the commencement of the project.

Script Analysis

We are adept at handling both pre-existing scripts and freshly crafted scripts. Clients may provide us with pre-existing scripts, or we can draw from our own inventory. Alternatively, we will embark on creating new scripts based on client input.

Raw Video

The fundamental component of video marketing is the unprocessed video footage. We will either produce an animated video or capture the entire video in accordance with our clients’ instructions. State-of-the-art equipment will be employed for video recording, and we will undertake the editing process to add a polished finishing touch.

Voice Over

Voiceovers play a vital role in the creation of instructional or explanatory videos. We will handle the voiceover aspect for all your videos. We also value client input on voiceover preferences. The voiceover process encompasses narration, clarification, or emphasis.

Video Editing

Once everything proceeds seamlessly, we will commence the editing of all the videos. The post-production approach holds significant authority. Following the finalization, we can assure that the videos will captivate the viewer’s attention. Our videos are both narrative and chronicle.

Sent for Client Review

Upon completing the videos, we will dispatch them to our clients for their review. Each viewpoint and recommendation provided by our clients holds immense value. We will meticulously assess our client’s suggestions and enhance the videos by incorporating their input.

Final Delivery

Ultimately, we will distribute the videos upon their successful development. Our consistent effort is directed towards accomplishing the entire process within the designated timeframe. Any alterations in the workflow or encountered challenges may lead to variations in the timeline. Rest assured, we will keep you informed about every aspect.

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With over 11 years of expertise in the software development sector, we bring a wealth of experience to every project we undertake.
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We possess this niche affiliate website, which is fully optimized and compact.
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We surpass other digital marketing agencies in Bangladesh in terms of quality.
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Next Hubz has provided its services to around 1000 companies in the realm of software development, solidifying our extensive experience and widespread impact in the industry.

Questions People Ask Regarding Video Marketing

Numerous inquiries arise before clients avail our video production services. These queries commonly revolve around video content, video advertisements, video distribution, statistics pertaining to video marketing, the frequency of video production per month, and similar topics. Here are some insights –

Possibly the most commonly inquired question thus far, the pricing is contingent upon the nature and complexity of the video. Once we receive your specifications for a video, we can provide an approximation of the cost involved in producing the video. There is no singular response to this inquiry.

Certainly, we offer complimentary revisions prior to the ultimate delivery, ensuring your complete satisfaction. Adjustments to video content, audio, resolution, angles, VFX, animations, etc., will be managed by us without incurring any additional fees.
Nevertheless, should you wish to implement alterations after the final delivery, supplementary charges will be applicable. The magnitude of these charges is contingent upon the quantity of modifications you desire.

Our team of voice artists, comprising both female and male members, excels in articulating various voice accents, including American, British, the Worldi, and more—excluding Indian accents. It's important to note that additional fees apply when the chosen voice accent is other than English.

Our aim is to achieve your business goals, working exclusively for our clientele. Ultimately, you will have full ownership. Consequently, you will possess the authority to oversee Google Ads for the videos.

Certainly, in the realm of video marketing, video distribution is an integral component. Numerous techniques are available for video distribution, and we would be delighted to explore your preferences for the method before initiating the distribution process.

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We saw a significant increase in website traffic and brand awareness thanks to Next Hubz Limited's engaging video marketing campaign.

Sarah Jones Marketing Director

Next Hubz Limited's video marketing team is top-notch. They helped us create a compelling product explainer video that resonated with our target audience.

David Miller CEO

Their video marketing strategy perfectly captured the essence of our brand. We're thrilled with the results!

Emily Williams Head of Communications