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Effective SMS marketing is vital for introducing a company to its clientele, serving as an intuitive method to inform target customers about upcoming campaigns through text messages (SMS). Presently, a majority of companies are embracing this form of marketing.

Despite numerous companies in the world positioning themselves as SMS marketing service providers, Next Hubz commits to delivering superior services. We ensure to elevate your business by providing text messages with high engagement rates.

Gone are the days when people went door-to-door promoting their offers. Technological advancements have prompted innovative marketing strategies. We recognize the immense value of SMS marketing.

Our standard SMS marketing service encompasses two campaign types: promotional and transactional. Promotional campaigns involve “one to many” bulk text messages, while transactional campaigns utilize “one to one” bulk text messages.

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SMS Marketing

Our SMS Marketing is is 100% result oriented:

SMS marketing holds a significant role in the realm of SEO marketing. While various marketing strategies, such as email marketing and newsletter campaigns, exist, none surpass the effectiveness of SMS marketing. Next Hubz assures an SMS marketing strategy to expedite the delivery of your campaign to customers. Here are some notable mentions –


We will conduct a survey to gauge the existing market demand for your product or service. Subsequently, we will analyze the competitive landscape, identifying who the competitors are and examining their strategies. Our SMS marketing strategy will be formulated based on these thorough analyses.

Client Requirements

Knowing what customers are really looking for, is undeniable for any marketing strategy. Our SMS will promote campaigns not only in an attractive but also in an efficient way. It will bring in — as many customers as you expected.

Prepare SMS Campaign

The composition of the SMS will be tailored according to the respective campaigns. The distribution and recipients of bulk SMS will be determined by the nature of the campaign. Promotional and transactional campaigns will adhere to their distinct procedures.

Send SMS

To expand your business, it is crucial to dispatch SMS containing offers, updates, or alerts to the appropriate customers at the optimal time. The campaigns devised for your business will be disseminated through time-sensitive SMS.

Track Campaign

Understanding the clients’ responses upon receiving information about the campaigns is crucial. A comprehensive analysis will be conducted, taking into account both positive and negative feedback from clients. Ultimately, this evaluation will ascertain who constitutes our genuine customer base.

Delivery Status Analysis

The job isn’t complete once the text messages are dispatched and monitored. We will oversee the quantity of SMS sent and the successful delivery to customers. This monitoring process aids in addressing any technical issues related to SMS delivery.

Monitoring & Reporting

Upon receiving feedback on our efforts, we will scrutinize the outcomes to identify avenues for enhancing our SMS marketing strategies. We will furnish reports on a monthly, weekly, or annual basis, and can also provide updates to our clients at scheduled intervals.

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With over 11 years of expertise in the software development sector, we bring a wealth of experience to every project we undertake.
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Next Hubz has provided its services to around 1000 companies in the realm of software development, solidifying our extensive experience and widespread impact in the industry.

SMS Marketing:
Packages And Plans

Our SMS marketing service is not only focused on delivering results but is also cost-effective. The pricing details for our SMS marketing service packages are outlined below –

$ 10
  • Clean and easy to use app
  • Simple cloud interface
  • Sender Id by Brand Name
  • DND Auto Refund
  • Easy Reseller Facility
  • Instant Delivery
  • Free SMS Gateway API
  • Free SMS Gateway API
  • Non-Masking @ $0.0026/SMS
$ 55
  • Clean and easy to use app
  • Simple Cloud SMS Interace
  • Sender Id by Brand Name
  • DND Auto Refund
  • Easy Reseller Facility
  • Instant Delivery
  • Free SMS Gateway API
  • Masking @ $ 0.004 /SMS
  • Non-Masking @ $ 0.0023 /SMS
$ 100
Full Package
  • Clean and easy to use app
  • Simple Cloud SMS Interace
  • Sender Id by Brand Name
  • DND Auto Refund
  • Easy Reseller Facility
  • Instant Delivery
  • Free SMS Gateway API
  • Masking @ $ 0.0039 /SMS
  • Non-Masking @ $ 0.0022 /SMS

Questions You May Asked Regarding SMS Marketing

The concept of SMS marketing is relatively fresh in the world. Therefore, it is only natural for individuals to be inquisitive about it. Frequently, customers ponder the following questions:

Certainly, our SMS marketing service is universally applicable and extends to all countries. If you wish to engage in SMS marketing for countries beyond the world while residing here, we can ensure the provision of that service.

Given that we offer SMS marketing services across various countries, we also ensure the compatibility of our services with all mobile operators.

Upon a client's application for our SMS marketing service, we initiate the process promptly. There is no rationale for delaying, as commencing sooner allows for a swifter completion.

Certainly, we provide both masked and unmasked SMS marketing services. We impose no restrictions when it comes to delivering high-quality SMS marketing.

SMS masking involves substituting the sender's phone number with the sender's name. Consequently, either your name or your company's name will be presented instead of your phone digits.

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Clients Feedback

Next Hubz Limited's SMS marketing expertise has helped us reach a wider audience and increase customer engagement significantly.

Isabella Fernandez Founder

Their targeted SMS campaigns are a great way to promote flash sales and special offers, resulting in a measurable boost in sales.

Christopher Nguyen Marketing Director

We use Next Hubz Limited for our SMS marketing needs because they understand the importance of concise and impactful messaging.

Penelope Baker Owner