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Next Hubz excels as a frontrunner among the various companies in the World when it comes to mobile application development. Irrespective of the destination our clients aim for within their business domains, we ensure a successful realization.

In World, we are renowned for crafting effective mobile applications. Our expertise lies in the creation of user-friendly yet pioneering apps, including those for IoT (Internet of Things), eCommerce, Education, Enterprise, & Utility.

Our focus is on the development of high-quality iOS and Android applications that are economically viable. Employing the agile process, we not only support you during the development phase but also in the post-development period.

Prior to entering into an agreement, we enter into a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with our client to guarantee security and confidentiality. Our commitment to a lasting partnership with clients is upheld by delivering services that are entirely result-driven.

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As a top-notch mobile app development firm in World, we receive expressions of appreciation and feedback from our clients for our work on mobile applications. Prior to the delivery of any mobile application, we make certain that it fulfills all the quality requirements outlined in our checklist.

Our reputation wasn’t established overnight; years of delivering outstanding and cost-effective services have shaped us into the company we are today.We hold the viewpoint that the development of mobile applications should encompass the subsequent procedures –


We think that without thorough research, the initial phase of development will lack effectiveness. Occasionally, inadequate research can lead to the failure of the developmental outset. Hence, we engage in a comprehensive groundwork brainstorming to guarantee the efficacy and spontaneity of our research.

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Provide us with your concept, and we will convert it into software by translating it into mockups. This involves creating detailed sketches and wireframes to visualize the product’s concepts. Additionally, it aids us in defining the functionalities that will be implemented in the foreseeable future.


We have employed the need to construct a swift prototype. Prior to the ultimate delivery of a mobile application solution to our clients, we enable them to grasp the comprehensive functionalities, encompassing the app’s touch responsiveness, design, and user experience, by means of this prototype.

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Following thorough research and planning, we will create a blueprint of your product. Once the wireframe is finalized, we will initiate the app development process. Subsequently, we will carry out a sequence of validations adhering to a schedule to ensure the proper functionality of the application.


We are of the opinion that the dedication put into the development and design of the software will not be meaningful if quality is not guaranteed. Ensuring software quality requires sophisticated testing. We execute diverse testing methodologies, including compatibility tests, regression tests, and load & stress tests, to confirm the completeness of the system.


Upon the client’s readiness to launch, we will deliver the application to them. Nevertheless, the process doesn’t conclude at this stage. Since various app stores adhere to distinct launch policies, we will guarantee the dissemination of your application to users. You can also count on us for subsequent updates or enhancements to your app.

Support & Maintenance

Your articles will be disseminated across diverse social media campaigns such as Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, and more. Additionally, we will consistently oversee and refresh the corresponding social media pages of your website, providing you with a scheduled report. Consequently, you will receive comprehensive updates on the entire process.

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As a premier mobile app development firm in World, our solutions are outcome-driven and accessible to you. Explore the pricing of our packages and select the most suitable one –

A mobile application is a software program specifically crafted for compact, wireless handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones. Developers will create mobile apps with a design tailored to meet the requirements and limitations of these devices, leveraging their unique capabilities.

We create mobile apps designed for both Android and iOS devices. Java is employed for native Android development, while Swift is utilized for native iOS application development. In the case of hybrid application development, we leverage React Native, AngularJs, and Phonegap.

We adhere to a user-centric approach during the mobile application development process, emphasizing the significance of stakeholder perspectives and acceptance in project delivery.
The project initiates with a discovery phase, during which the team identifies key features and functionalities. In the design phase, the team crafts the look and feel (User Interface), ensuring alignment with the company's brand guidelines. Subsequently, the project progresses to the implementation phase, encompassing coding, integration, and development.
The quality assurance team meticulously checks and validates that the achieved results align with the desired expectations. Following this, we hand over the application to the client or end users for a User Acceptance Test. Upon receiving approval from the business team, the application is released or published on the Play Store and iTunes.
The duration of application development is contingent upon the project type, and an innovative idea may necessitate research and development efforts. A popular idea in demand in the market, especially if previously implemented by the team, will demand less time and effort.
For instance, an E-commerce mobile application or a Delivery Application would require less time. On the other hand, if the task involves digitizing a process within the application, it will demand more time and effort. An example of this is the digitization of an inventory management system for a manufacturing company.

Certainly, ensuring the application remains in optimal condition and is robust once it goes live is crucial. Support and maintenance tasks are essential at the server, application, and design levels to ensure compatibility with forthcoming versions of the operating system. We offer one month of complimentary technical assistance following the completion of the application.

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Next Hubz Limited developed a cutting-edge mobile app for our business that has significantly enhanced our customer engagement and satisfaction.

Elysia Crowley Head of Marketing

Their app development team is exceptional. They delivered a feature-rich app that exceeded our expectations and helped us stand out in the market.

Thalassa Quinlan Operations Director

Working with Next Hubz Limited on our app development project was a seamless experience. They understood our vision and brought it to life with an intuitive and visually appealing app.

Vesper Nightshade Creative Director